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Practical tools that can be used to drive

life changing international growth,

wrapped in funny, fascinating stories. 

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Zach Selch the person that multinationals and well-funded startups reach out to when they want to grow international sales.

When elite universities and leading business publications want to teach about international sales growth, they ask Zach. 30 years' experience as a line sales leader selling to more than 135 countries and repeatedly driving >1000 % growth is not something that many people can claim.

At 11 he was living in a 29 foot trailer on cinder blocks behind a gas station in rural Pennsylvania. At 15 he was fending for himself. At 19 he was a paratrooper scout sergeant leading men into combat. Zach has breakfasted with the Dalai Lama, run the original course marathon in Greece, was in Germany when the wall came down, Jordan when the peace treaty with Israel was signed, and been in a surprising number of right places at the right time. Zach has sold to more than 100 governments as well as to some of the biggest corporations in the biggest economies in the world. Zach has spent time at War College, a world class business school, and at the University of North Carolina BBQ pitmaster certification school.

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Sales Keynote Speaker - Zach Selch
International Sales Growth Speaker - Zach Selch
Talk Topics

Talk Topics

Building and Growing a World Class International Sales Organization

The fastest way to grow the value of a company is to grow the international footprint. Trying to grow and failing is one of the most dangerous things a company can do. In an hour I give 60 tools that can be used to drive growth, accelerate the learning curve and prevent common mistakes.


Motivational Keynotes

I will fire your sales team up and send them off ready to dominate their numbers. I have led men into enemy fire, I have led teams during recession, I have led multiple teams to >1000% growth.

Cross Cultural Sales and

Sales Management 


There is no faster way to improve the results of executives tasked with global responsibility than to teach them the fundamentals of cross cultural selling. Nobody else mixes 30 years' experience leading multicultural sales teams, selling in more than 135 markets and the science of cross cultural.



Sales Keynote Speaker

Brilliant, fantastic presenter. Loved it! It was hilarious, but practical.

Event Attendee, November 2019

Brussels, Belgium


Zach’s strategic guidance was critical to our global expansion. Now we sell on 4 continents.

Paul Hletko, Founder, Distiller, Few Sprits Featured in Entrepreneur, Money, and Rolling Stone

Zach Selch - International Sales Growth Speaker

Zach explains well what he does and his experience, he is a very good presenter too. I was able to take what he taught and put it in action right away!

Event Attendee, May 2019

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Zach is a great sales master, and that was a great training

Caio Vinicius, VP Sales, Brazil

50 US$ Million Multinational


Zach has decades of scar tissue underpinning a sharp, observant mind and commercial intuition.

Marcus Cauchi 
Bestseling Author

Zach Selch - Motivational Speaker International Sales Training

He made the topic interesting even for people unfamiliar with the topic. I wasn’t expecting a stand up comedian.

Event Attendee, November 2019

Brussels, Belgium


Your enthusiasm is catchy, thanks for the training.

Quentin Daffarn, CEO & Owner
50 US$ Million Multinational


What you taught my mentor

he taught me and now I

make money from it.

Ashish Sing - RM Asia Pacific

500 US$ Million Multinational

ahmed-1-e1592449910394-256x256 (1).jpg

What you taught me 15 years ago I still use today, and it puts money

in my pocket every day.

Dr. Ahmed Adel Taha, MBA, MD

General Manger, Europe Middle East

Africa 500 US$ Million Multinational

Keynote Speaker for International Sales Strategies - Zach Selch

Stuff I can take out and use tomorrow. Brilliant.

Event Attendee, May 2019

Chicago, Il


The guys loved the training, we have to do it again!​

Fredrick Ong, CEO & Owner

50 US $ Million Company

Zach Selch - Sales Keynote Speaker

Zach is the best sales trainer I

have ever seen.

Lisa Huet, Senior Commercial Officer

With 21 years' Experience


When you need an international sales expert, you need Zach.

Karen Isaacson, Global VP of HR,

$25 US Billion Multinational


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